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There are generally three reasons why LED lights might flash on CBus. Form our experience, these are:

  • Non-dimmable lights – You are trying to dim non-dimmable lights. We have seen this many times as some people don’t think to check that the lights they are installing are actually dimmable.
  • Compatibility – There are two types of dimming which leading and trailing edge. Many modern LED luminaires are compatible with both dimming types but not all. This issue is particularly noticable on cheap Chinese lighting designed for maximum economy. Using a CBus universal dimmer will resolve this issue as it can dim both leading and trailing edge.
  • Circuit Loading – Not putting a big enough load on a CBus dimmer channel is probably the most common issue we come across. Under voltage or under current will cause lights to flash when you try to dim them. It can also be the cause for dimming channels to only goe a short way down before turning off. An easy resolution is usually to install an S31LCDA CBus Load Correction Device (pictured right) which in essence is an in-line resistor designed to lower minimum load constraints for an improved dimming performance.

CBus Direct is a trading name of Lightwave UK Ltd, a Hampshire based business who specialise in all aspects of lighting design and supply, specialising in LED technologies for residential and commercial applications. If you would like to discuss your LED lighting requirements please contact us at Lightwave.