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As part of their vision to offer industry-leading products and services, Schneider Electric is building a network of certified professionals capable of expertly delivering a wide range of energy efficiency solutions.

This exclusive network of EcoXperts will gain access to dedicated, continuous training and be provided with specialised technical and commercial support.

The EcoXpert programme is an ideal way for Cbus integrators to grow their business and deliver leading solutions to customers.

As an EcoXpert you will gain access to the following benefits:

  • Marketing resources, knowledge, and experience to help you sell
  • Endorsement from Schneider Electric
  • More direct tech support access
  • Further training and development
  • Tested, validated & documented solutions
  • A dedicated Channel Manager
  • Demand generation through opportunity sharing

If you are interested in applying for accreditation to become a certified Schneider EcoXpert, please give us a call on 02380 00 33 20 to discuss.

Becoming an EcoXpert

The EcoXpert badge is a symbol of excellence, only those partners who are true specialists within the field of lighting and room control will qualify to become a Light and Room Control EcoXpert. So what skills, competencies and profile define these exclusive partners?

  • Specialist System Integrator skilled and trained in the deployment of at least one of our intelligent L&RC systems (C-BUS, KNX, DaliControl, HomeLYnk)
  • Strong understanding of and ability to integrate lighting and room control applications
  • Experience with associated L&RC technologies – PIR sensors, touch screen and door entry
  • Proven track record with previous projects
  • Expert knowledge and experience with our offer in the appropriate market – commercial and/or high-end residential
  • Can sell, project manage, commission and maintain technologies

EcoXpert Levels
Registered – Integrator has been on the CBus Training course – Typical spend per year of £10K.
Certified – Entitled to direct links on the Schneider UK websites with a recommendation of their quality by Schneider – Typical spend per year of £10k – £30k.
Master – Integrator has completed Intermediate and Advanced Training, has five or more employees, and an office base – Typical spend per year of £30k plus.

Download EcoXpert Brochure