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The CBus Toolkit software is an application you run on your personal computer to configure and commission CBus installations.

This allows you to install and support the entire range of CBus hardware products. The CBus Toolkit is used for commissioning CBus installations by configuring the behaviour of the installed CBus hardware via a GUI interface.

The CBus Toolkit also installs C-Gate Server software which can be used as part of a CBus control system. This means you can use the included C-Gate software as a permanently installed control system for a CBus installation.

  • connect to a CBus network via a Wiser or PC interface unit to synchronise logical and physical CBus customer site data
  • configure the CBus network to define the architecture of the customer site and ensure CBus units can communicate
  • program and commission the customer solution
  • save, backup and restore sites. CBus Toolkit has a database for creating and storing customer site programming as projects

CBus Training Manuals

CBus Basic Training Manual – Volume 1
– Introduction to CBus, Wiring Methodology, Power Supplies, Network Specifications, Address Structure, Cbus Tools and Functions

CBus Basic Training Manual – Volume 2
– CBus Toolkit Software, Basic Programming, Advanced Programming, DLT Units, Network Bridges, Fault Finding

CBus Hardware Installation
– Safety Precautions, Installation Rules, Voltage Levels, Wiring Guide, Cable Testing, Wiring Relays and Dimmers

CBus Network Training
– Cbus Network Interface and Design Concepts, Network Bridge, Network Topologies