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C-Bus Saturn and Neo Enhanced Dynamic Labelling Technology (eDLT) Wall Switches

Part Codes: 5085EDLBPW, 5085EDLWPW, 5085EDLBOM, 5085EDLWOM, 5085EDLBEB, 5085EDLWEB, 5085EDLBCM, 5085EDLWCM, 5085EDLBSS, 5085EDLWSS, 5085EDLBHB, 5085EDLWHB, 5085EDLBBR, 5085EDLWBR

The best just got better. Clipsal’s eDLT provides sophisticated and user-friendly control of your C-Bus System and features a contemporary design that will complement any modern interior. It’s clean architectural lines and glass or metallic fascia create a visually stunning wall switch.

With the ability to have up to 16 function commands, you can eliminate the “clutter” associated with multiple wall switches, controlling an entire area from one stylish and colourful unit. Put simply, the eDLT is Australia’s most advanced wall switch.

The enhanced Dynamic Labelling Technology (eDLT) switch builds on the success of the DLT switch, by enhancing it to a whole new level. Providing more colours, more control, and more functionality, the eDLT offers a huge range of installer and user benefits and innovative design features, enabling it to display C-Bus system information, which was previously only achievable with touch screens.

An extensive selection of customisable colour screen options and premium fascias allows you to customize the eDLT to suit your home and décor. Providing complete control of your Cbus system, Clipsal’s eDLT is one of Australia’s most advanced wall switches.

  • Plug-in C-Bus fly lead for quick and easy installation
  • Magnetic attachment to a custom mounting plate
  • Installed to standard mounting hardware (with 84mm centres), secure with screws as required.
  • Proximity sensing for wake up and control functions (max. 5cm)
  • 5 buttons with tri-colour LED indicators
  • Backlit colour LCD screen
  • 2.8″ WQVGA TFT screen supports many background and foreground colours
  • Coloured LED indicators or backgrounds can provide status feedback for C-Bus events
  • Up to 4 pages with control of up to 16 devices
  • 5-button single-page option
  • Dual action button with rocking action for: up/down control of lighting, audio/visual, left/right control of ceiling fans, scene cycling, page navigation, etc
  • C-Bus Multi-Room Audio source and radio station selection
  • Native support for C-Bus Audio and C-Bus Measurement actions
  • ‘Tools’ page to edit labels, timer durations, time/date settings etc
  • Supports extended character sets for many languages
  • Fly lead and mounting plate supplied with the eDLT (also available separately)
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • C-Bus Toolkit programming enhancements
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