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C-Bus CAT5 Cable

Part Codes: 5005C305B

C-Bus Cable A unique colour coded 4-pair Category 5 UTP LAN cable used with the C-Bus Control System.

  • 4-pair, Category 5, unshielded cable with a unique outer colour sheath specifically designed for the C-Bus system
  • A maximum of 1000 metres of cable is permitted on any one C-Bus network
  • 2 pairs are used for the C-Bus connection; C-Bus positive (blue + orange) and C-Bus negative (blue/ white + orange/white)
  • C-Bus cable has a mains-rated low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) outer sheath
  • Suitable for use inside electrical enclosures
  • Available in both solid and stranded conductors
  • The C-Bus cable must be segregated from the mains cable in C-Bus installations (Failure to comply with C-Bus wiring rules may void the warranty on the C-Bus installation.)

C-Bus Network Burden

Part Codes: 5500BURDEN

Used to alter, adjust and correct the electrical properties of a C-Bus network. Used in some cases where due to system design, adjusting such electrical characteristics may improve system operation.

  • C-Bus network RJ45 hardware burden
  • A Network Burden has been built into certain C-Bus units. Depending on the unit type, the Network Burden can be enabled or disabled by changing over a hardware jumper or by selecting or deselecting from the software options.