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The programming of a CBus system is normally completed by a certified CBus integrator. They will run through all aspects of the project with you making a list of your requirements with regards to functionality and then configure the units as you will require.

It is always advisable to go this route as you will avoid pitfalls like purchasing the wrong equipment for your system or being unable to utilise the full functionality of the CBus system, some of which can be quite techinical to set up.

If you have decided to install and program the system yourself, there are a number of PDF guides available on our downloads page which would be a good starting point if you have never done this before.

The software packages you will require are also available from that page, all of which are free to download.

CBus Toolkit
The CBus Toolkit software is a Windows application you run on your personal computer to configure and commission CBus installations.

The PICED software is used to configure CBus Black and White Touchscreens, Colour Touchscreens, Pascal Automation Controller (PAC), and the Wiser Home Control.

The download contains:

  • The PICED program
  • Documentation
  • Sample projects and images
  • Latest firmware for C-Touch, PAC and the Wiser Home Control
  • Colour C-Touch / Wiser Transfer Utility
  • Media Player Control Plug-ins

Note: In order to program a CBus system you need to have a computer network interface. There are a number available in the CBus range with RS232, USB, and Ethernet connections. Alternatively, if you have a Wiser Home Controller on your system then you can also use this for programming wirelessly.

If you are in any doubt about the designing or programming of a CBus system it is always advisable to consult a certified CBus integrator. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call on 02380 003320 to discuss.