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Devices on a CBus system draw power directly from the CAT5 bus. The EDLT switch for example draws 32mA.

Certain units like relays and dimmers are available in either powered or non-powered versions. Those with a a built-in power supply provide 200mA of power to the CBus system which is used to power the various switches and sensors for operation.

When designing your CBus system, you can work out how many powered devices you will require by calculating the total power draw from all of the other CBus units you will have installed.

You can also utilise a 5500PS CBus power supply which will provide 350mA to the network. Additional power supplies can also be added in parallel as more CBus devices are added to the system, for example if you are undertaking a residential extension. Under these conditions the power supplies share the load current equally. The power supplies feature short circuit and reverse polarity protection and the line voltage is galvanically isolated from the CBus output side.