Professional Advice

At CBus Direct, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry.
Whether you are looking for professional advice on a residential C-Bus installation or a full scale, multi-site project, we can help.

Project Design

Knowing the products inside and out is an important part of being an official Clipsal distributor and we have the knowledge to design systems to meet any requirements.
We can design residential or commercial C-Bus projects from the ground up integrating them into structural, electrical and lighting layouts. The vast array of different Cbus network units also allows the integration of countless third-party systems, from CCTV and security to HVAC and multi-zone audio and video distribution.

Industry Networking

Networking with suppliers, installers, and integrators within the industry means we are not just a ‘CBus Shop’, but also a valuable resource.
If you need to find a Certified Clipsal Integrator it’s not a problem. We know many professional companies with excellent track records that can program and certify your system for you.


Dealing with a company who have a lot of experience with their products gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your automation project will be specified with the correct products and will work first time.
As CBus Direct, we have designed and supplied Clipsal Integrated Systems for many projects over the years including schools, large office blocks, art galleries, and high-end residential developments amongst others.

Lighting Specialists

Cbus Direct is a division of Lightwave UK, an LED lighting specialist highly regarded in the lighting industry.
We have provided lighting to innumerable projects from homes to hotels, from national art galleries to Gunwharf Quays. We specialise in cutting-edge LED lighting technology, but also supply a huge range of decorative and retail lighting products.